Sunday, 18 November 2012

Batman Odyssey by Neal Adams

I still haven't managed to finish reading Batman Odyssey by Neal Adams.  I have one more issue to go, I keep putting the issues on top of my reading pile but something (anything) catches my attention instead.
Batman with guns by Neal Adams

Adams' art is as interesting as ever but the story?  Adams has admited that he doesn't have a plot and the script is incomprehensible.  I know continuity can be a barrier for some stories but some reference points are necessary to provide context.  Critics of Jack Kirby's scripting should read this.  Events are referred to in an issue that I assume I have forgotten, it is taking me a long time to read remember, but when I check previous issues I am still at a loss.  Most issues begin with a barechested Bruce Wayne having a rant.
Bruce should switch to decaff
Words and Art by Neal Adams
Adams is a superstar artist and his body of work in the Silver and Bronze Ages at Marvel (Avengers, X-Men) and DC (Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Deadman) make him one of the most highly regarded and influential artists of all time.  I wonder if I will ever read the last issue? Batman Odyssey is simply difficult to enjoy which is a great pity.


  1. I don't get many new comics these days, but I admit the artwork here did intrigue me. I picked up an issue here and there and gave them a closer look. The story as you say seems incoherent. I assumed I must be missing something since I was dabbling, but it seems I wasn't.

    It's a shame. Great comic book art must serve at least a good story for everyone to be happy.

    Rip Off

  2. I had the same problem with the scripting. It reminded me of his work on several of the Continuity comics. But the art makes it worth it. Odyssey might end up reading better in collection. I'm hoping for the same thing on his Dark Horse "Blood" storyline.

    Marvel has Gage working with Adams on the First X-Men mini, probably to deal with this situation but I'm still enjoying it. Neal and Frank Cho seem to be the only artists that I'll follow in a 32-page $3.99 comic. Otherwise the only Marvels I've been reading are $2.99 books. It's ridiculous that Marvel sells the same size book at two different price points.