Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Batman Odyssey Finale

I finally did it, I read Batman Odyssey Volume 2, #7, The finale of Neal Adams' mini-series!  The following contains spoilers so avoid reading if you feel the urge to read it for yourself.  Forget that, just avoid reading the series!
Batman Odyssey  volume 2, #7
Art by  Neal Adams

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2013 Comics Resolutions Part Two

I have finally got round to completing my list! So many non-comics related stuff to do so little time!  I had decided to make a list of six comic runs or series I must read (or re-read) during 2013.  Here are the final three:

I have attempted to embrace DC's New 52 but I am becoming increasingly disillusioned,  I dropped Marvel almost ten years ago so as I gradually rationalise my monthlies the theory is that I can read stuff I actually enjoy.  I enjoy Marvel Bronze Age horror so I am going to read Werewolf By Night.  This series is nowhere near as good as Tomb of Dracula but well worth a revisit if only for Mike Ploog's art.

Werewolf By Night #7 (July 1973)
Art by Mike Ploog