Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Batman Odyssey Finale

I finally did it, I read Batman Odyssey Volume 2, #7, The finale of Neal Adams' mini-series!  The following contains spoilers so avoid reading if you feel the urge to read it for yourself.  Forget that, just avoid reading the series!
Batman Odyssey  volume 2, #7
Art by  Neal Adams
Very disappointing but not surprising.  Batman shoots Sensei, yes with a gun, in front of Gotham's criminal fraternity.  Batman then threatens the assembled hoods with the same fate if they step out of line. Except it is a set up and Batman turns Sensei into a baby with some gloop from the Lazarus pit.  We do find out who Bruce has been talking to throughout this series, none other than Clark Kent!  It is really not worth reading this stuff.  Read Brave and the Bold by Bob Haney instead, he knew how to do weird!


  1. Just goes to show that not all great artists are necessarily great writers, eh?

  2. Loved the art, hated the story

  3. Adams is my favourite comic artist of al time but I have to agree this was just poor (some nice art though)- I wish Neal would just draw other writers work raher than try his hand as a writer - McScotty

    1. Unfortunately there aren't many good writers around, certainly not at New 52 DC!

  4. Sounds like this comic should have a warning label on the cover: "Not recommended for children. Or adults. Or anyone else, for that matter."

  5. Seriously, I hope this mess is quickly forgotten. Neal Adams should be remembered for his late 1960's work, especially revitalizing Batman and restoring the character's "dark knight" image.