Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tintin in America

The third Tintin album, Tintin in America, was published between 1931 and 1932 and is the most widely available early adventure.  The preceding albums being highly controversial.

Tintin in America
Art by Herge

This adventure demonstrates real progress from earlier albums and is more pacy with more of a plot.  Herge satirises American culture and highlights the ill-treatment of Native Americans.  Native Americans are offered twenty five dollars and forced relocation for oil-rich lands whereas Tintin is offered hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is in stark contrast to the depiction of Africans in Tintin in the Congo.  The story is more coherent than previous albums which were not much more than episodic gag set-ups in exotic locales.  I was edited and colourised in 1946.

Tintin in America
Art and script by Herge
There are hints of the greatness yet to come and this is certainly the best album so far. The next adventure introduces Thomson and Thompson and Rastapopoulos and more sophisticated storytelling as Herge builds Tintin's universe.

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