Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Top 5 Team-Up Books: Super-Villain Team-Up

Whenever I could I would buy a team up book.  I loved reading about unfamiliar characters and how they interacted with more established heroes such as Spider-man or Batman.  If it was a Marvel Comic they would obviously fight first and then join forces to beat the villain.  If it was The Brave and the Bold, written by Bob Haney, all you knew was that absolutely anything could happen even if it contradicted everything previously written about a character. Here is the first of my top 5 team up books:

5 - Super-Villain Team-Up (Marvel Comics)

Pencil art by John Buscema, inks by Frank Giacoia

This series originated as Giant Size Super-Villain Team-Up for two issues (March 1975 and June 1975) before becoming a regular bi-monthly book which ran for 17 issues (August 1975 - June 1980). Who could resist a series starring one of Marvel's most charismatic characters, the ruler of Latvia himself, Doctor Doom? Not me, I attempted to track down as many issues as I could but failed miserably and I was only able to read the full story when Marvel brought out the truly wonderful Essential Super-Villain Team-Up.

Essential Super-Villain Team-Up
Doctor Doom is easily Marvel's greatest villain, who else could get away with this?

Script: Steve Englehart, Pencil art by Herb Trimpe, inks: Pablo Marcos
In addition to Doc Doom, Namor the Sub-Mariner was a co-star in most of the issues and plots were resolved from Subby's recently cancelled series.  I loved Namor in the Defenders but didn't read much of his solo series apart from his run in Tales to Astonish I collected for the Hulk stories.  The appeal of Namor  for me lies in the mixture of his regal bearing, his anti-hero persona and above all his arrogance.
A panel from SVTU #13, Script by Bill Mantlo, Pencil Art by Keith Giffen, inks :Don Perlin
The series was short lived and suffered from multiple changes in creative teams but it was extremely over the top Bronze Age fun and an excellent concept.  Stories featured The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, The Champions, Red Skull, Magneto and Hate-Monger.  I rank it as number 5 in my run down of the Top Team-Up books of the Silver and Bronze Ages.

SVTU #14, Pencil art by John Byrne, Inks:Terry Austen
Check back for number 4, will it be one of your favourites?

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