Friday, 23 August 2013

Superman: The Silver Age Dailies 1959 - 1961

If like me you are a fan of Silver Age Superman you are in for a big treat if you are lucky enough to get your hands on Superman: The Silver Age Dailies 1959 - 1961.

Superman The Silver Age Dailies 1959 - 1961
Art by Pete Poplaski

These strips have never been reprinted and are a treasure trove of art by Curt Swan, Wayne Boring and Stan Kaye.  The line up of storytellers is packed with all time greats such as Jerry Siegel and Otto Binder, who offer up slices of Silver Age wonder as depicted in the contemporary Superman monthlies under the guidance of editor Mort Weisinger. 

Panels from "Earth's Super Idiot"
Script by Jerry Siegel, pencil art by Curt Swan, inks: Stan Kaye
Fans of  Silver Age Superman will get a very pleasant feeling of deja-vu when reading these tales as they are all adapted from tales which originally appeared in Weisinger's stable of  titles.  Adaptations include: Superman #114 (July 1957), #124 (September 1958), #130 (July 1959), #135 (February 1960), #136 (April 1960), #141 (November 1960), #143 (February 1961), #147 (August 1961), Lois Lane #8 (April 1959), #24 (April 1961), #26 (July 1961), Action Comics #243 (August 1958), #256 (September 1959), #262 (March 1960) and Adventure Comics #277 (October 1960).

Covers of some of the comics adapted for the dailies
Pencil art by Curt Swan, inks: Stan Kaye
Any collection that contains Jerry Siegel's "Superman's Return to Krypton" is worth reading but this volume contains a version you are very unlikely to have seen before. I recommend that you search for this title now!


  1. Got the book last week and agree with EVERYTHING you say about it.