Friday, 27 December 2013

Comic Book Resolutions 2013 Revisited

So as 2013 comes to a close, how did my resolutions work out? As usual with any resolutions I make I did very poorly. I certainly read a lot of comics but not the ones I had planned to read. Silver Age Spider-man? Nope. Black Panther? Nope. Werewolf By Night? Nope. Walt Simonson's Thor? Stan and Jack's Thor? Neither. I did read some Tintin but only the first four books. I would classify this as an almost total failure. 

Amazing Spider-man #3 (July 1963)
Art by Steve Ditko
Am I downhearted? Certainly not as I read plenty of good stuff this year along with some absolute garbage from DC's New 52. Currently only The Flash remains from quite an extensive pull list. I thought I would never stop reading Batman, Detective, Superman and Action but the train wreck that is DC editorial have saved me some money.
DC Comics New 52
Very disappointing comics
What did I read? Lots of old DC comics such as House of Secrets, House of  Mystery, Our Army at War, Star-Spangled War Stories, Bronze Age Justice League of America and the Brave and the Bold. Will I get around to reading the comics I listed last year? Probably. Will I create a new list for 2014? Certainly.


  1. I agree with you about the New 52. Most of it strikes me as "absolute garbage" and the rest isn't much better. The pornographic violence, inane dialogue and crude, idiotic sex has taken DC to a point where it's time to give up on those guys.
    Maybe one of these years, when the sales settle into the toilet again, they'll reboot it again. Who knows.

    1. The problem is who will still care about the characters when they re-boot again?