Monday, 30 May 2016

Back In Bronze!

Been away so long I thought I would never be back but here I am!  I have been a little busy of late but I have not stinted on keeping up with Sheffield's finest remains an inspiration to this lazy blogger.  How does he keep his hectic schedule?  There must be something in the Yorkshire water?  Anyway I know the question on the tip of everyone's tongue: "what has Silver and Bronze Age Subjects been reading?"  Well, one of the best reads has been George Perez and Len Wein's post-crisis re-boot of Wonder Woman, why can't DC get anywhere near this level of excellence these days?  Although I could be wrong as I'm not up to date with the latest at DC since the New 52 fiasco although I gather that Action and Detective will be returning to their original numbering which is one good thing I suppose.

George Perez and Len Wein's excellent Wonder Woman 
art by George Perez
I have also been re-reading one of my favourite runs of all time, Herb Trimpe's tenure as artist on The Incredible Hulk.  I have blogged before about my appreciation for the late, great Herb here, here and here, but as the years pass by my fondness grows for the tales delineated by this great artist.

Incredible Hulk #110 (December 1968)
Herb Trimpe (pencils) and John Severin (inks)

Incredible Hulk #123 (January 1970)
art by Herb Trimpe
I hope to be back soon with more musings, I'm a bit upset with the current revelations about Captain America and I'm building up to a post to air my views so watch this space.  I'll leave with a great cover of Captain America and The Falcon with a gorilla.  You can't beat gorilla covers!

Captain America and The Falcon #135 (March 1971)
Art by John Romita


  1. Thanks for the plug for my blog, Simayl. That Captain America issue was the first Captain America comic I ever owned and one of the very first American comics I ever owned. I remember getting it from an indoor market in Blackpool in the summer of 1972 and was very taken with Cap's costume which seemed a wonderfully colourful and complex thing.

    1. Well I never, I chose it because it ticked a lot of boxes, Cap "tick", Falcon in his green threads "tick", gorilla "multiple ticks!"

  2. DC can't approach this level of excellence because they have abandoned quality art and storytelling in favor of "continuity" and gave up solid writer and artists in favor of "superstars." They have ceased attempting to broaden their readership and instead cater to an aging niche collector with limited interests. It's why I don't bother with DC or Marvel comics after a certain Bronze Age cutoff point, aside from maybe Batman '66 and the occasional special series of that nature like "DC Retroactive."