Thursday, 3 May 2012

Vision or Red Tornado?

The Avengers had the Vision and the Justice League had Red Tornado, who is your favourite?  Readers of  my previous post, Avengers Assembled, will be in no doubt that I favour Marvel's synthetic being but I am interested in what you think?
Justice League of America #64
Pencil Art by Dick Dillin, inks: George Roussos (August 1968)
Avengers #57
Pencil Art by John Buscems, inks: George Klein (October 1968)
If we look at the dates on these comics you could assume that Roy Thomas was keeping a very close eye on the Distinguished Competition's premier super team's adventures.  This would not be a surprise as the strip was being written by one of Roy's boyhood idols, Gardner Fox, and Roy's name frequently appeared in the letter columns of early issues of Justice League.  However, publishing schedules and the nature of distribution in the 1960s complicates that simplistic deduction.

All parties involved insist that it is coincidence that two red-skinned androids sharing names with Golden Age characters made their debuts in team books almost simultaneously.  Just like the equally intriguing coincidental launch of Doom Patrol (My Greatest Adventure #80, June 1963) and X-Men (#1, September 1963). Both teams consisting of outsiders led by a wheelchair bound patriarch battling a brotherhood of evil!

So who do you favour?  Wanda's automaton lover or Kathy Sutton's robotic romancer?


  1. Definitely The Vision. He's a superhero created by a supervillain using the lifeless body of another superhero!

  2. With all the retcons and revisions and reboots, I could not stay interested in either character. The Red Tornado got destroyed and resurrected more times than most people have had the common cold. And I don't remember if the Vision is supposed to be the original Human Torch, Wonder Man, or another android, or what.

  3. Red Tornado every time. The Vision is rather boring and the idea of Scarlet Witch diddling a toaster is pretty effed up if you bother to think about it.