Saturday, 18 May 2013

The House of Secrets

DC produced some great horror/mystery titles in the Silver and Bronze Ages and The House of Secrets was one of the best. Veteran editor Joe Orlando who had worked for EC Comics in the fifties and Warren in the sixties assembled a great set of artists for all of the anthology series he edited.  The stories were not all classics but every issue had its charms.

House of Secrets #81 (August/September 1969)
Art by Neal Adams

House of Secrets was hosted by Abel in the tradition of EC Comics' famous hosts. Abel's brother Cain hosted the sister title House of Mystery.

House of Secrets #82 (October/November 1969)
Art by Neal Adams
House of Secrets #83 (December 1969/January 1970)
Art by Gray Morrow
The series ran from 1969 to 1978 and probably the most famous issue was #92 (June/July 1971) which featured the debut of Swamp Thing in a tale written by Len Wein and drawn by Berni Wrightson.

House of Secrets #92 (June/July 1972)
Art by Berni Wrightson 
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  1. Considering that these comics (unlike EC and Warren) had to pass the Comics Code, it's all the more impressive that they were able to produce good horror stories.

    1. Excellent point, it does make it more impressive! You can certainly see a change in the stories when the code is relaxed.